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10-24-2005, 05:41 PM

"Movie goers may recognize some local landmarks on the Silver Screen this weekend. Several scenes from the movie "Elizabethtown" were shot in Eureka Springs.

Director Cameron Crowe puts Eureka Springs on the map in his latest movie "Elizabeth town."

Eureka officials say filmmakers were specifically looking for roadside attractions to include in the movie they had plenty to offer them.

The movie centers around a character played by Orlando Bloom who loses his father.

“He runs away from home and starts traveling the country trying to find places that his father talked about,” said Cris Dunnam with Eureka Advertising and Promotion Commission.

The filmmakers found just the kind of places they were looking for in Eureka Springs.

“A company is looking for roadside oddities and unusual things we can't find everywhere,” Dunnam said.

The film crew spent a day shooting scenes at Christ of the Ozarks, Beaver Bridge and Dinosaur World.

“It's oddball, it's perfect and we thought they would spend an hour at dinosaur world and the spent half the day so many places to shoot,” Dunnam said.

Eureka officials say all three of the landmarks made it into movie previews.

“There's a pivotal scene in the movie that takes place on the bridge,” Dunnam said.

And it's quite a pivotal time for Eureka Springs. “Elizabethtown” is the second major film in recent years featuring scenes from the town, and the community is literally feeding off the experience.

“It was quite an intense experience, they set up a tent for the lunch meal everything else we had to haul food, plates, napkins,” said Melissa Evans with the Crescent Hotel.

Staff from the hotel provided food and snacks for the crew of about 80 during the one day shoot.

“We did some star gazing,” Evans said.

Eureka Springs officials say the “Elizabethtown” shoot brought in about $40 thousand dollars in revenue for the community."

10-24-2005, 08:08 PM
I saw that movie this past weekend....and I was excited, there were scenes in Memphis also, and coming out of Memphis across the Mississippi into Arkansas. I recognized the "Christ of the Ozarks" but didn't know that the bridge scene and the dinosaur scene was also shot in Eureka. How exciting for them! It was a good movie....I went expecting a good "chic flick", but it wasn't quite that..not what I expected at all, but that's what made it good.

Thanks for posting this Susie....that's all interesting to know, especially after just seeing it. :)

10-25-2005, 04:31 PM
You are welcome, Patty.
And tell me what you thought of Paula Deen's [of the Food Channel) performance.

10-25-2005, 09:42 PM
Suse....she was very good....and it seems that most of her scenes were in the kitchen! If you get a chance, you should see it. It's a good movie. :)

10-27-2005, 04:12 PM
I will try to see it, Patty. Thanks :)