View Full Version : Trout fishing over the weekend

10-10-2005, 07:18 AM
Folks the trout fishing is fast and the trout are fat! I took a gentelman out Saturday that had never been trout fishing before, never been fly fishing either. Got the casting down in about 10 mins (thanks to some wonderful instructor :D ) His first fish took a total of 10 mins to catch once we hit the water. A very nice 18 inch rainbow, over the next couple of hours we caught several fish in the same size, but they are FAT. I was a little disappointed because we did not land any browns. He had at least one on that spit the hook. I had a brown on that was VERY large, i would estimate in the 10-12 lb range, but he took off downstream and snapped my line like a dry twig.
If your gonna go out, keep in mind the next full moon is on the 17th. Get out there and fish at night for the BIG browns, use large streamers, wooly buggers, sulpins, leeches, things like that. If you are using spinning gear, use rapala minnows and try to bounce them off the bottom.
As always, if you need any advice or help with fly/lure selection, get in touch with me, I am always happy to share the wealth!