View Full Version : Trout fishing 7/10/05

07-11-2005, 02:26 PM
I took my son on his first fly fishing trip yesterday. We got to outlet #1 and there were a few folks there, nothing too crowded. Gave my son a quick lesson on casting, mending and setting the hook. He hooked his first fish about 10 mins in. It was a beautiful 18 inch rainbow that took an olive scud. Dumb me, I get the hook out of its mouth and try to get my camera, hands covered in fish slime, camera starts to slip, :eek: natural reaction? You guessed it, I dropped the fish trying to save my camera.
We fished for about 2 hours before they turned on 4 generators. The fishing was really kind of slow. I caught about 6 or 7 fish and my son wound up with 3.
I went back out around 7pm when they shut off the generators and fishing was about the same. The fog was VERY thick. even though the trout were feeding on the surface, I tied on a #18 griffiths gnat. I couldnt see the fly, even with a strike indicator tied on. So went back to the scuds. I caught about 5. Left at 845pm, I was the only person out there.