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Tony Roi, re-knowned entertainer and BMG Gold Record Recording artist, has been seen by over 40 million people worldwide. Tony has won numerous awards including, Branson's Entertainer of the Year and Best Show in Branson for 9 years running! Come Experience Tony's all new 2012 show, Tony Roi Elvis and More...featuring the music of Elvis Presley, Engelbert Humperdinck, Ray Charles, Etta James, Ronnie Milsap, Tony Roi and more!

On stage, no one can compete with Tony's energy and vocal ability. Backed by his six piece Powerhouse Band including his Angel Singers, Tony's world class vocals are sure to knock your socks off! Tony's all new show. Tony Elvis and More, will take you on a musical moment your heart will be touched by the passion he gives in his gospel and patriotic music, the next you will be Rockin' in your seats! Don't miss this spectacular musical showcase!


Tony Roi is astounding as Elvis

Written by punybug

I want to say it has been over two years since I saw this show but we are talking of going back again in 2010. It was the most awesome show I have ever seen. Tony looks exactly like Elvis and the audience was awestruck when he came on the stage. He is a great performer and deserves more than he gets credit for as far as his performance goes. I think one day be known as the best Elvis impersonator ever. He is undescribable in his performance. You think it is Elvis instead. He comes closer to being Elvis than anyone I know of . My husband is also a big fan of Tonys . We look forward to seeing him again. Can't wait for another kiss Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Glenda and Lloyd Berry from Belton, Texas.

THE BEST!!!!!!

Written by phillim

In all our visits to Branson we have made it a point to see Tony Roi's show. He is amazing. A couple of years ago I told him he needed to be in a bigger theater, he ask me to pray about that and I did. I am glad to see him with such success. I bought and Elvis tape just to compare and guess what, I liked Toni much much better. His personalty and voice are awesome. We bought a condo in Branson so we hope to see him once or twice each time we come up. We would love to have a picture with him in is cadillac.
Great Job!! Mary Phillips from Austin Texas

THE BEST!!!!!!

Written by phillim

In all our visits to Branson we have made it a point to see Tony Roi's show. He is amazing. A couple of years ago I told him he needed to be in a bigger theater, he ask me to pray about that and I did. I am glad to see him with such success. I bought and Elvis tape just to compare and guess what, I liked Toni much much better. His personalty and voice are awesome. We bought a condo in Branson so we hope to see him once or twice each time we come up. We would love to have a picture with him in is cadillac.
Great Job!! Mary Phillips from Austin Texas

Most Bang for your buck

Written by kathycorbin

Had the best time, very good show. Toni is very very cute, witty, and HOT !!We saved the best for last day of our stay and next time I will go more than once. All I can say is he was great and can't wait to see him again. And he kissses good TOO.

REVIEW: Tony Roi - The Elvis Experience

Written by PatiCake101

We had the pleasure of seeing Tony Roi in The Elvis Experience this past week....and I think that he just gets better everytime that we see him. His show had changed some since the last time we saw him, but was still great! The bottom level of the theater was full except for the back couple of rows...not sure about the top level, but from judging the "scream level"..everyone seemed to be having a great time.
As someone who has seen Elvis perform on more than one occasion...I am always amazed at Tony's tribute to him...he is as close to "Elvis" as anyone I've ever heard. His tribute show is just that...a "tribute" to Elvis and his music. He has everything down...his look..his mannerisms...the way he moves, and most importantly, his voice. Tony also writes, and does some of his own material...which is also wonderful. I'm anxious to hear him do more of that in the future.
On top of being a great entertainer..he is genuinely a very nice man. I would, and do recommend Tony's show to everyone who is making a trip to Branson.

REVIEW: Tony Roi - The Elvis Experience

Written by Valanchi

Tony Roi is the Best performer I have ever seen, As a Elvis impersonator, He has the Best Voice, And Looks of any other without having a fake face, He is all original. He has the passion is his music, Just like Elvis did. He is soooo good at what he does! I think he should get way more credit for what he delivers to Branson! Good job Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Roi made our trip to Branson!!!

Written by eastend

Our family decided to come to Branson in May-- Not knowing what to expect we went to many of the shows-- I can only say that Tony with the "Elvis Experience" was the BEST by far!!!His style is not matched by any other performer we have seen. Through the years we have seen many shows with various Elvis performers-- none can compare to Tony-- You truly believe that Elvis is in the room!! All can say is there is no Elvis-- Just Tony Roi!!! His band and background singers are a great complement to the show--It is truly remarkable that he can sing for 2 straight hours and give his all to the show. His narations of the career of Elvis are very informational And when he sings The Triology" everyne I the room is moved,some to tears. I overheard another family and the wife said when she looked at her husband he had tears in his eyes-- He said this was the closest to Elvis he has ever seen and he had seen Elvis live. We can't wait to return to Branson this year and see the show again!!!!
Vicki E.

Tony Roi -Best show, Performer and SInger

Written by Fran Clark

My Husband and I drive from Tulsa about once or twice a month and see Tony's show. It is always a great show and since I am such an Elvis fan, it is such a joy to see his tribute. Tony looks and moves like Elvis, but he also has the Elvis Charisma. He has that connection with his fans. I have seen him 13 times this year and I am going back next weekend to see him again. He does some of the same songs in each show, but each show is different because he changes and adds a couple of different ones each time, so it is always something new. Tony always gives kisses on the lips like the real Elvis did. I have see other impersonators and they give a cold kiss on your cheek, but not Tony, he kisses you on the lips and that is so like the real Elvis. Tonys voice is incredible. He can sing anything, it doesnt matter what type of music, he can sing it and do a great job, because his voice is the best voice I have ever heard. I truly think he sings better than the real Elvis. Also, His band and his back up singers complete his show to make it the best show in Branson. Please dont miss this show, even if you are not an Elvis fan, go see it. You wont be sorry. He is the best performer in town.

Tony Roi The Elvis Experience

Written by LST

The Elvis Experience ~ Tony Roi is a must see for all visitors to Branson. The entire cast, hosts, photographer and family of Tony's show is absolutely superb! Merchandise sold during intermission is top quality. The theater is new, very comfortable and the sound system is just right. Now, for "rest of the story".........Tony, Tony, Tony!!! His voice, his moves, his appearance are so very impressively like Elvis it is unbelievable. I, personally, never saw Elvis in person. If he was any better than Tony, I don't think I could have survived the performance. You will never see a performer put so much power in his delivery of all his music! "2000%" You can feel the emotion in each and every song. Tony's wardrobe is top notch. His choice of songs vary with each performance somewhat. They are all favorites of Elvis. Tony presents a very honorable tribute to Elvis. See you all there!

IT'S REALLY A "20" BUT "10" WILL DO!!!!!!

Written by It's Midnight

Please see Tony Roi when in Branson - he is the BEST Elvis Tribute Artist EVER!! And genuinely talented. You won't believe your eyes or ears - is it really Elvis up there? But Tony has a talent all his own - he does Elvis but also adds his own flair to some of the songs such as "Kentucky Rain" and "In the Ghetto". I was moved to tears the first time I saw Tony because of all the memories I have of seeing Elvis in concert four times. One can't help but remember the raw energy, the excitement in the air when he stepped on stage, that VOICE, THE MOVES, the audience response, the tender love songs, the kisses for the ladies, the light-hearted banter with his audience, his love for the music and the musicians and singers. He does the 50's Elvis, the 60's and the 70's. Tony's performance will thrill you as he hits the high notes on "Make the World Go Away" or the very low one's in "Polk Salad Annie". I guess I could go on and on! I bet you'll want to come back again and again just like me! I'll see you there!! GO TONY!!!!!!!!


Written by JBH

THIS MUST BEGIN WITH ELVIS, because Tony Roi's show takes me back to the more than 200 Elvis shows I was privileged to attend in the '70s. It's all there...the voice, the look, the moves, the charisma, the love, the sincerity, the humbleness, the electricity...the thrill of it all! Surrounding me are people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying this magnificient performance: an 18-month old little girl sits on her young mother's lap and is laughing, clapping and jumping for joy throughout the entire two-hour show; on the row in front of me is a 78-year old great-grandmother who spends most of the show up on her feet and dancing along with Tony's every move; couples of all ages (I met young honeymooners and one couple celebrating their 62nd anniversary), families with small children, families with teenagers, and extended families abound and, of course, women of all ages. It's the same as at an Elvis show....Tony Roi, also, appeals to all ages.
The variety of songs is most entertaining including songs from all three Elvis eras, from ballads, to ol' time rock 'n roll, gospel, patriotic....Tony Roi sings them all. Never have I heard an entertainer step out of the box and profess his Christianity and actually say a prayer (referring to our veterans and soldiers currently fighting for our country) on stage.
His band members, back-up singers: Mandy and Anna Maria, along with the technicians: Tanner, Shelby and Richard are all superb. The Music City Centre is a wonderful setting with comfortable seats, good sound, nice climate-control and a a gracious staff in Richard and Crystal. The on-stage photo session with high-quality professional photographs available immediately after the show, thanks to the speedy work-team of Sherry and Donna, is a wonderful opportunity and most enjoyable.
Tony Roi's love for his fans is expressed most thoughtfully as he stands in the lobby, exhausted from a two-hour performance, autographing photographs, CDs, scarfs and posing for photographs until every fan has been greeted...then and only then, could anyone say TONY ROI HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

Tony Roi Review

Written by duhutch74

On Tuesday afternoon we saw Tony Roi’s show at Music City Centre. The stage fit him a lot better than the small stage at Branson Mall. Tony was very good as usual and it looked like he may have been sick because he kept clearing his throat but he still put on a great show. We also saw him in the parking lot before the show at around 1:30 but then his show started a little late but we were like we know he is here, why is he late? He sang a lot of songs that we hadn’t heard before so that was nice to hear some new ones from Elvis. Tony even said that Elvis recorded over 900 songs so they have to continually change their set and if he missed a song that anyone liked that they could tell him after the show and he would be sure to add it in….but then of course you would have to come back to see the show! One song that really stuck out was “Memories.” And on “Love Me Tender” he invited the audience members to come up and get their picture taken with him. There was one man that was waiting in line and when he got up to the stage he asked to have Tony’s backup singers in the picture! So Tony waved them over and they took the picture with him. Tony did a really good tribute to the veterans. His backup singers Mandy and Anne Marie were very good. He calls them the “Angel Singers.” We recognized the drummer, Dino Phillips, from Paul Harris last year and 50’s At the Hop many years ago. He is a very good drummer. The lead guitar player, Micky Springsteen, was very good and he was featured with solos many times throughout the show. We thought that we might get a glimpse of the theatre manager, Cole Currier, but we never saw him and we were tempted to ask someone to speak to the manager so that we could see him but we ended up not. So Tony’s show was again very good and we will continue to see him.


Written by Jhahn0904

My daughter, sis and I went to see Tony Roi last Saturday in Branson. I must say, that at first I wasn't expecting much, as I have seen Elvis impersonators and have never been real impressed!
But from the moment Tony walked out onto the stage, I was in a trance. Never have I seen anyone who looked, talked, sounded and had the moves down like Tony did.
I was even further impressed when after the show, he waited patiently for all of us in line to autograph our photos that we had made with him, and then offered to take photos with us with our own cameras...he had me giddy all day.
I would definetly suggest to anyone who is considering going to this show, that you make it the last one you see as after his performance, nothing else will compare. We went over to the Legends show the evening after Roy's afternoon show and I couldn't get into the show as I was still on a Tony Roi high!


Written by Lindsey

Totally amazing show! Don't miss it!! Nuf said!

Great Show!

Written by PatiCake101

On Saturday afternoon, dh and I saw the Tony Roi show for the first time. Being a long time Elvis fanatic, and having seen Elvis twice, I usually don't get too excited about seeing impersonators, but I have definitely been missing out on this one! I will be seeing him again!! Even hubby enjoyed it! He is the closest thing to Elvis that I have ever seen, and I have seen many over the years since Elvis died. He has the looks, but more importantly, he has the voice, I closed my eyes, and it was Elvis singing, as was very evident by all of the women screaming. His pants split not far into the show, and you could tell that he was a little embarrased about it at first, but he just kept the show going. I was impressed that he would continue his show under those circumstances. His does every decade of Elvis, and does it very well. He gave everything he had to his audience, and they loved it, me included!!
If you are an Elvis fan, from any "Elvis era", see this show, I think that you will really enjoy it.