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"Titanic Museum Attraction is not to be missed." - USA Today

2012 is the year of Titanic and the Titanic Museum Attraction has been preparing for this monumental milestone for just short of a decade. This is YOUR opportunity to become a part of history as we take you on a historical journey that you will never forget.

There is no other Titanic Museum or exhibit like the World's Largest Titanic Museum Attraction, owned and operated by Mr. John Joslyn. In 1987, Mr. Joslyn co-led a six-million-dollar expedition to the site of the sinking. The resulting TV documentary, "Return to the Titanic...LIVE", shown in 27 countries worldwide in 1987 remains one of the highest rated syndicated specials of all time. "I want to share as closely as possible with guests what Titanic's actual passengers and crew experienced aboard ship," explains Joslyn.

The time is now. Help us honor the 2,208 passengers and crew that sailed Titanic. Visit today and experience this "Living Theatre" of artifacts and stories, actual photos and replicas, and realistic, interactive education.

  • Walk an elegant replica of the Titanic's Grand Staircase
  • See 400 Rare historical Artifacts and Touch the frozen surface of a real live 'iceberg'
  • 90 minute walk-through experience
  • Stand on the mighty ship's bridge and hear the Captain's commands
  • View life onboard, see a First Class Stateroom & Third Class cabin
  • Try to send an SOS signal from the ship's wireless room

Family Experience

Dear Person in Charge,
I came to the Titanic Museum. I love learning about the Titanic and it was Really fun to see all the different artifacts. I learned a lot. While we were watching the short video, I pulled out my tooth. I will always remember that I lost my tooth at such an amazing museum! Well, I hope I can see the museum again! Frok Airrey Kiel/ (3rd grade)

And...come meet Molly and Carter, Titanic's Mascots working daily from 9am-5pm as a tribute to the dogs that were on board Titanic.

Courtesy wheelchairs are available by request at box office.

Wedding or Vow Renewals at Titanic

Couples can now celebrate their big day in "turn-of-the-century" splendor at the World's Largest Titanic Museum Attraction. Titanic is the perfect choice for couples seeking an experience of pure romance, beauty and elegance. Here, the Gilded Age of magnificent excess lives again as bride and groom take their vows standing on the Grand Staircase or at the waters edge. Call us for further details of these great wedding packages!


REVIEW: TITANIC - The Legend Continues

Written by Valanchi

I was at the Titanic 8-31-06, Very nice, And was not crowded at all, Very nice Museum, I gotta say!
BTW-The I love how they take a pic of you at the Grand staircase! I recommend going to see it for sure!
FYI-The Gift shop has expanded, I think they have a pretty good variety of Titanic, books, cards, pic's, posters, coffee cup's, pens, pencils, the heart of the ocean necklace #19.99(from the movie) more Jewelry, crystal items, tapes, hats, model's of the ship, magnets etc! There is a coupon for 10% off your purchase in the coupon books!
:) :)

Can't Wait to see !

Written by fireboyz

We can't wait to see !!! My daughter is crazy about the Titanic. Will sure leave a review here !!!