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417 Magazine Award for 2010: Winner for Best Branson Entertainer.

The audience gasp quotient is high, as is fan loyalty. - The Wall Street Journal "Word-of-Mouth Creates an Idol"

Shoji Tabuchi is an event...a show that is almost unbelievable in its scope, magnitude, richness and grandeur. -All Roads Lead to Branson

Best Theater/Entertainment for Groups-Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, Branson, MO. -Destinations "The Best and the Rest"

"Perhaps the most popular in town." -Time Magazine

Just what is the Shoji Tabuchi Show that everyone who loves American music is raving about? At its heart is Branson USA's first family of extraordinary musical entertainment...Shoji Tabuchi, his beautiful wife Dorothy and delightful daughter Christina. The family that plays, sings and dances encompasses all the wholesome values of truly great family entertainment. Yet the show rivals the pure excitement of Las Vegas or New York.

Dedicated to excellence in family entertainment, the Shoji Tabuchi family gives it all. Shoji is acclaimed one of the greatest entertainers in the world. Electrifying production numbers created by his beautiful wife Dorothy, both show producer and director, are truly unforgettable. Daughter Christina, already a veteran show-stopper, is adored by fans of all ages. When in Branson, The Shoji Tabuchi Show is the show to see!

With his sense of musical perfection, Shoji searched long and hard for the right professional musicians, all of whom have one or more degrees in music, to form his band. The show's extraordinary vocalists, along with Shoji and the band, perform everything from Big Band, Broadway and Country to 50's, Gospel, Patriotic and much more! The perfection of The Shoji Tabuchi Dancers rivals any dance company in the world. Now That's Entertainment Not Soon To Be Forgotten!

And the famous Christmas shows, beginning in November, add a festive holiday element to the already-inspiring show. Come see for yourself why U.S. News & World Report raved that the show, "...may be unequaled anywhere for showmanship..." and the New York Times extolled the Show's "...polished, thoroughly professional staging." The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre is conveniently located at 3260 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. Inside, you can experience their award-winning "America's Best Restrooms," as well as a fabulous gift shop and snack bar. When in Branson, The Shoji Tabuchi Show is the show to see!


A good as ever

Written by feakle

We just returned and once again saw the Christmas show. Th show has added a few new features and was as good as ever. We never miss it on our Christmas visit.


Written by tae woman

WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW!!!! This was my first time to his show (btw - not my client)

There was something for everyone, gospel, country, polka, classical, 50's, etc. He's very entertaining to watch. It probably wouldn't have been as entertaining if just anybody was on stage, but an oriental playing country and western and polka on a violin - well how often do you see that??

I couldn't believe his daughter's voice and how great she sounded!!!!!! She should be a recording artist!!!!!

The costumes were incredible! Colorful and I couldn't count how many times they changed. They had a Harley to drive across the stage for about 30 seconds!!!! I can only imagine the amount of money that was spent in the production of this show. Neon lights, lazer lights, pyrotechnics -UNBELIEVABLE and definately worth the money.

There was a little singing and if I had one thing they could improve on, I personally would like more singing. Shoji is FABULOUS at the violin, but I like the singing and dancing more than I like the music itself. Again, just my personal opinion - many people like the music without the lyrics.

I was surprised though that the theatre was only half full.

Hubby is not into shows at all, but he really enjoyed the show and took lots of pictures. I am going to try to upload some pictures.

This show was a definate 2 thumbs up!!!!!!