Stone Hill Winery



Written by gotspottedfever

This is an awesome free thing to do in Branson. This cool tour informs you all about the wine making industry sprouting up all over Missouri. Enjoy their award winning wines while the kids enjoy their juices! What an excellent and value friendly place to visit. THANKS!

Stone Hill Winery

Written by Gabriella

Great little place to go. Family owned winery, one of the last of the moms and pops. Award winning wines for discerning palates. Personal attention, nice atmosphere. Friendly, knowledgeable, personable staff, well-versed on their products. Taste the wine before you buy and learn which wines compliment your meals. Get a free tour to boot...even if you come with a busload of people.

Don't buy from the winery direct...RIP OFF

Written by Glennxxx

Dear Sir / Madam,

I just spent my 17th anniversary in Branson and we just had to go to the winery and take a tour. While we enjoyed the wine and the tour, we were not pleased by what happened later that night.

My wife and I enjoy wine, but never have bought a case at a time, except this time when the "Deal" we were getting just sounded so good. We bought a mixed case, some wine utensils and a shirt. We were so happy that we were going to have all of this good wine and it seemed as if we had gotten it at a good price. That is, until we went to the local grocery store in Branson (Jubilee) and found it MUCH less expensive for the exact same thing we bought direct from the winery. I felt insulted. Bottles we spent over $7.50 for were around $2.00 cheaper at the local store, and that was one bottle at a time. They did not even require you to buy a whole case.

I hope someone will read this and not buy from them direct. I feel like I was disrespected and conned.