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3050 Green Mountain Drive
Branson, MO 65616

We invite you to stay in a luxury hotel that adheres to a strict code of ethics. With strong competition requiring travel specialists to be dedicated to service, it's imperative that you select a lodging partner you can trust.

The Settle Inn is committed to providing superb customer service and legendary hospitality! Our reasonable rates and impressive list of amenities assures you the best choice when you bring your group, conference, or special event to Branson.


Settle Inn

Written by Missouri Mom

Settle Inn Review - May 31st - June 2nd

We live 4 hours out of Branson in central Missouri and left Wednesday afternoon making it to our hotel at 7:30 that night. We decided to stay at the Settle Inn for no other reason than it had a coffee maker in the room and a couple of indoor pools. When we arrived, it was fun to pull up the driveway of the Settle Inn. You do feel like you're going back into the medieval ages since stone walls and colums line the drive. As you pull up, there are these massive buildings in white with stone cupolas, knights on horses & in armor, and the stone theme still all around. We checked in and got our room rate with two queen beds for 39.95 nightly. The front desk clerk was a little sour. He was dealing with someone who was already a guest and she wanted to be near to her sister. So the faces he made weren't really something he should have done in front of another guest. But the lobby was beautifully themed and stayed with the "castle" feel.

We stayed in the second building on the 3rd floor. There was a great lobby for watching tv and a microwave, sink, ice machine, vending machine, exercise room, game room, pool & restrooms all located there. When we went up to our room, the elevator was kind of creaky and the hallway wasn't lit very well. I didn't feel unsafe though... it was more like a 'dungeony' feeling than anything. Our room was very nice and smelled like febreeze. My mom is a smoker so we choose a smoking room, but I didn't get the smell that comes associated with her house. They did leave coffee in the room so even though we brought our own we didn't need to.

Now, the things I've read on this board about the bathrooms at the Settle Inn did kind of worry me. I don't like tight places especially bathrooms. I think it was comparable to most other hotels when it comes to bathroom size. Our family doesn't usually stay at places where room rates run over $ any motel under that price range I think would be just as average. The shower was of normal size and had the softest water. It was like taking a shower with satin.. lol. The water itself though, was nasty to drink. It tasted like pool water...the chlorine level was just to high.

Well, after we got ourselves settled, we went out to look around. They have a wonderful little patio area that sits right next to a small waterfall area. Very peaceful for having a dinner outside. You can also walk up a short flight of stairs and sit in the gazebo for a great view. Looking around, you could see Dockers Restaurant & Pirates Cove Mini Golf were all within walking distance. Other than that...all I saw was motels.

The girls took a quick swim in the pool (maximum depth 5') and I noticed they had a hot tub also. We had to step outside though, the humidity in that room was sooo high. But next to the pool area is the game room, with several arcade games and an air hockey table. And there were also bathrooms located right next to the pool area so it made for convenient access vs running back to the room.

Thursday morning, we got up to leave and the car wouldn't start. So my mom took the girls to the lobby for the continental breakfast of donuts, cereal and fruit. They had some juice and milk offered also. It was during that time we found out what the breakfast show was. Two ladies were singing for tips...and from what I understand, my family didn't think they were that good. But after having spent the day at SDC, lol... my group was probably a little spoiled.

Anyhow, that's my review of the Settle Inn. On a scale of 1-10 I'd rate them a 7.5 Better than average, but right for the price. They can have my business again.