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"Voted Entertainers of the Year in 2009, SIX delivers their brand of entertainment like no other musical group. You won't believe what comes out of their mouths! These SIX BROTHERS come from a family of 10 brothers. No sisters."

SIX (aka The Knudsen Brothers) Have thrilled audiences from North America and from Europe to Asia. Rhythmic percussion, toe-tapping bass, and melodic vocals that intertwine seamlessly, are all produced live with the power of just SIX incredible voices.

Dubbed an orchestra-of-human-voices this award-winning tour de force captivates audiences with SIX's pure harmonies, astonishing vocal ranges, and singing so robust, you'll swear you hear a full band. Audiences are engaged the instant SIX hits the stage until the time they exit, and will enjoy experiencing something genuinely magical that defies description. Once you experience it, you will understand the power of SIX.

New for 2012! Now performing at the Mickey Gilley Theatre!

Meet the Stars at intermission and after the show!


Absolutely the Best Show in Branson!!

Written by dennismichael80

This show is incredible. We laughed, we danced and cried all in a matter of two hours. SIX is awe-inspiring and something you will remember for ages. The talent is unbelievable. We had front row seats for this show and I highly recommend it! Sitting that close you can actually feel the vibrations of the percussion and unreal bass tones. If you are going to Branson, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!


Written by KELLYSUE

These guys are awesome. If you do not see any other show in Branson Make sure you see these guys. Great Harmony, very family oriented, FUN, entertaining and probably the best show i have ever seen!!! I will go everytime I can!!! You can't get enough of these guys. They have a song that one of the Brothers wrote called LOVE TIMES 10 and it truely from what I could see of there show is a reflection of their lives. I BOUGHT ALL THEIR CD'S!!!! I think I have worn them out!!!

About SIX

Written by PYD

I have to say my husband and I were very supprised to see SIX. They have got to one of the best shows I have seen. They are awesome. We have now been to see them 3 times since we have been here, and that's only been two months. Everytime we have someone come to visit us we take them to see Six or tell them to go see them. Words can not explain the show. You have to go see it. We will continue to tell folks about them. Such Harmony, So much laughter, so wonderful. I can't say enough about them. Thanks guys for putting on such a wonderful show. The Dukes / Branson Star Theatre.

SIX Great Reasons to See SIX

Written by bransoncutie

One -- Incredible harmonies. I have often heard it said...heck, I've said it many times myself...that you can not beat family harmony. And the Knudesen Brothers, starring in SIX at the Hughes Brothers Celebrity Theatre, are definitely proof of that fact. Performing 6 times a week, alternating between 2pm and 8pm shows, SIX starts out taking the audience on a musical journey across the country. From Broadway to "The OC", with stops in Jersey, Philly, Detroit, New Orleans, and Las Vegas along the way, you are treated to a wealth of musical styles (Or is that "musics"?), all done with equal skill and ease.

Two -- A totally vocal performance. While you will hear percussion, bass and various instruments, you won't be seeing any. All of those instrumental sounds are created with these SIX human voices. And that is just as fantastic as their singing!

Three -- A wide variety of music. You're in for an evening of everything from Gospel to Broadway tunes to Beach Boys to "Do Wop", Motown, and a number of others. All done with equal capability.

Four -- Simple, straightforward music. No instruments, costumes, or flashy "production" numbers to get in the way. It's simply SIX real brothers -- all from the same mom and dad -- straight-up singing.

Five --A chance to laugh. Laughter is standard as you enjoy some of the highjinks of these extremely talented brothers.

SIX -- Six fantastically talented brothers. Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen and Curtis have been performing here in
Branson since early November 2006 and have been doing so to rave reviews! Everywhere I go, people are talking about this show. I have talked with local entertainers -- some with long, impressive histories and internationally known, who have been blown away by what they see and hear when they see this show. This is truly the most unique show to hit Branson in a long time. You owe it to yourself to check it out!