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During the day, you can hop on a jeep-drawn tram for a guided tour of the homestead. You'll visit Old Matt's Cabin, the original home of the book's main characters. The modest log cabin stands in it's original location, and is on the National Historic Registry.

Next you'll travel to beautiful Inspiration Point, the second highest peak in Missouri . A monument marks the spot where author Harold Bell Wright camped while compiling the notes for The Shepherd of the Hills. The gorgeous view from his campsite stretches across Mutton Hollow and into the hills of Northern Arkansas.

There are carved statues of six of the main characters that stand on Inspiration Point. They are The Shepherd, Old Matt, Aunt Mollie, Sammy Lane , Young Matt, and Little Pete. Rising high above the statues, Inspiration Tower also sits atop the point.

The Morgan Community Church was saved from demolition and moved to Inspiration Point in 1991. It is very similar to the churches that Harold Bell Wright ministered in as he traveled across southern Missouri.

As the tour leaves Inspiration Point, you'll travel down the mountainside to the site of Old Matt's grist mill. The Old Mill Theatre was carved into this wooded setting over 45 years ago. You'll be able to step on stage for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the nightly performance and learn how some of the amazing special effects are achieved.

The homestead tour just wouldn't be complete without a visit to Jenning's Still for an authentic (and hilarious) look at the lost art of making moonshine!

A visit to The Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead is an excellent way to learn more about the characters and the history behind one of America 's best loved stories!

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