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Over 400 Exhibits in Seven Uniquely Themed Galleries! You're in control as you enjoy your self-guided tour of this truly amazing experience. Take as long as you like to view and examine some of the most odd and amazing collections ever assembled. Robert Ripley was considered the modern Marco Polo and the real-life Indiana Jones as he traveled the world for over forty years. The incredible exhibits displayed in over 27 museums in 10 countries will amaze, astound, and even amuse you to laughter as you enjoy your tour. As Ripley's Ghost proclaims..."Come in...look around...and see if you Believe It or Not!"

In 1812 an earthquake measuring more than 8.0 on the Richter Scale occurred at New Madrid, Missouri. This earthquake made the Mississippi River run backwards for three days and made Church bells ring In Philadelphia! Our building reflects that odd event, and Ripley's...Believe It or Not!