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Marriage is Murder - February 11, 2012 to May 27, 2012

Since the day the honeymoon reservation, everyone at the Lakeside Bed & Breakfast has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hollywood newlyweds, Stanley and Jolene Pitt. When the day finally dawns, the loveable innkeeper, Pat Daniels, does everything in her power to make sure the block buster stars have a fun, relaxing evening. Things don't go as planned, however, when chaos breaks out and someone mysteriously dies!Frightened of the bad publicity, Pat gets a visit from her old friend and novelist, Angela Fletcher, to help figure out 'whodunnit' before the tabloids get a hold of the story. There are an array of suspects as Angela sleuths her way to a solution, but not without a little help from the audience. Join us for an interactive, and murder and see if you can get the scoop before Angela does.

Murder at the Hop! - June 3, 2012 to August 19, 2012

Torch Meadows is an aspiring renegade rock star who's rough exterior really stands out among the poodle skirts and saddle shoes that attend Central High School. Even so, mega nerd, Seymour Fredrickson, has finally mustered up the courage to ask Torch to the upcoming school dance. Seymour's dream is squashed however, when Johnny Rocket, Torch's thug boyfriend, and Donnie Byrd, Johnny's faithful lackey, teach Seymour a lesson that's not found on the school cirriculum. The night of the dance finally arrives and the students quickly learn that though Rock and Roll may never die, some of them do. Un-like other murder mysteries, the audience is aware of the killer, but it's to you to uncover the next victim. Come experience all the hand jive hi-jinks and see why everybody's boppin at the Central High School Hop!

Scared to Death - August 31, 2012 to Ocotober 31, 2012

Life's no fun without a good scare...at least that's the word around the office as the Parrot Pet Company prepares for its annual Halloween Spectacular, an event that Peter Parrot, the owner of the the company, and his employees look forward to every year. This year the spooks will be hosted by Charlie Canner at the Paradise Night Club with entertainment provided by the slightly unstable, recently single, Lola Aruba. Soon after the costumed guests arrive, a masqueraded murder leaves everyone in attendance scared to death! Detective Cocomo is hot on the trail of this Monster Mash of a murder as he "unravels the mummy's cloth" piece by piece by help from the audience. This is one Halloween party that will leave you howling for more!

It WAS a Wonderful Life - November 11, 2012 to December 30, 2012

The Christmas season has once again snuck up on miserable George Daily, making him question why everyone seems to enjoy the holiday except him. Hearing his cries, a shadowed sympathizer helps him out of quandry by sending him to the other side. While awaiting his final destination, George is visited by a hapless angel named Clarice that shows him the changes his death has brought to the small town of Hollyville. With Clarice's guidance, George is able to view the murder suspects, including his wife, Hailey and his arch enemy, Mr. Potter, in a new, discerning light that sonn allows him to solve his own murder, A twisted parody on al old Christmas classic, It WAS a Wonderful Life is a mystery with a message.

NOTE: Even though the subject matter of our shows revolve around murder, they are all interactive comedy farces that are appropriate for all ages. Like no other show in Branson, Ozark Murder Mysteries guarantees you will laugh until you die!

5:00 pm Dinner Menu All shows offer dinner consisting of Baked Chicken Breast, Seasoned Potato Wedge, Green Beans, Cinnamon Apple Sauce, Homemade Corn Bread, Dessert to Die For, choice of Tea, Coffee, or Water. There will be a cash bar available.