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Sandstone, Minnesota is not exactly the nation's entertainment capital. But, for many traditional country music fans it's a place they come to enjoy country music, the way it was in years gone by. Almost every weekend the stage lights up and the cameras roll, the theater is filled with the smell of freshly popped corn, and people line up to yet another country show.

In an age when traditional country music is fading in the entertainment arena, Midwest Country allows so many excellent and accomplished entertainers a venue where they can be seen and heard. Most of them are not household names, but many have unbelievable talent.

Midwest Country is part of the Saturday night Music Row line up on RFD-TV, and showcases local and regional artist from Minnesota, Sherwin Linton, Connie Lee, and Branson artists Tommy & Debbie Horton, Ronnie Prophet, and entertainers from just about anywhere will appear on Midwest Country"s Stage.