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Voted Best Variety Show, audiences fall in love with the tight harmonies and dynamic performance of Branson's BEST Quartet, New South! From Country and hand-clapping Gospel, to decades of Rock & Roll favorites, the Grand Jubilee surpasses expectations of any age.

Comedy is abundant! Jamie Haage, as Jim Dandy and Emcee, Mike Patrick, will keep you absolutely doubled over in laughter.

Along with power vocals from Jackie Brown and Todd Bradshaw, this show is a bomb with the fuse lit! Having won "Branson's Best Variety Show", "Quartet of the Year", "Band of the Year", "Comedian of the Year", "Emcee of the Year", "Fiddle Player of the Year", "Bass Guitar Player of the Year", "Banjo Player of the Year", "Guitar Player of the Year", "Drummer of the Year" and "Steel Guitar Player of the Year", it's not hard to see why Grand Jubilee is the one show that will stay with you long after your vacation is over. It's Branson's most entertaining show...ask anybody!


Great Show

Written by kpalmore

Me my husband and my kids all loved this show it was great! Tons of talent! Anyone who likes music would love this show!

Grand Jubilee's Grand Band

Written by BobC

The Grand Band provides the full spectrum of music for the Grand Jubilee, Comedy Jamboree, and the Late Night Live Radio Broadcast on Friday's. From classic and modern country, early 50's rock through the present, bluegrass, Motown, R&B, and any other sound the production calls for, these six guys perform it with precision. Many double up on other instruments to provide the required sound.

Danny, the band director is endorsed by the Gibson Banjo Company and plays steel, acoustic guitar and banjo. Wayne Massengale is wild on the fiddle but also fills in on conga drums or rhythm guitar. Michael W. Davis plays the piano like he was born with it. He also does all the vocal arrangements for the Grand Jubilee Show. My wife and I saw him one night last year when Dee Allen was missing from the New South Quartet due to an injury.

New South did a great job in spite of Dee's absence because Michael Davis was filling in the baritone vocal part while playing the piano. The only thing that Michael couldn't help with was the choreography for a quartet was a little difficult to perform with only three people.

Still, New South members are great professionals and they pulled it off. Larry Allred is outstanding on the bass and is quite the comic. He is also an accomplished signer - I didn't know that until I heard him on the Late Night radio show on 30 June. The lead guitar player, Matt Hanshaw, also plays some hot flat top guitar pickin’.

Matt is quiet and appears somewhat shy personally but boy does he ever let his guitars speak for him. He is a master picker and extremely versatile, from the style of the Ventures to the classics. Whether playing the flat top or electric guitar, Matt makes long hot licks look easy. He dazzles the audience when performing Dueling Banjos along with band Leader Danny Yansee on banjo.

This band of extremely talented musicians is capable of playing any venue in the country, any style, and does Branson and Grand Country proud.

Bob C

Forsyth, MO

Grand Jubilee is Tops

Written by BobC

My wife and I agree, Grand Jubilee with the New South Quartet is our favorite show in Branson. Yes, we have seen Shoji, Ray Stevens, Andy Williams, the Gatlin Brothers, Doug Gabriel etc., but the show we keep going back to see year after year is the Grand Jubilee. The show for this year has gotten even better since producer Mike Patrick inserted himself and comedian Jammie Haage (Jim Dandy) into the show. They play perfectly off of each other and each has musical talent to spare.

The Grand Country theater complex is comfortable and convenient with handicap seating areas in the theater and the Grand Country Buffet in the same building. Visitors can stay at the Grand Country Inn and shop in the many stores right there in the same complex. With different shows going on all day long, visitors wouldn’t have to leave the complex to have a full vacation. Of course, everyone associated with Grand Country highly promotes all the other entertainers and shows throughout Branson and Silver Dollar City.

We first saw this show in 2003 on our first trip to Branson. We’ve returned at least once every year since and on every trip we manage to see Grand Jubilee. The Grand Band is a great collection of extremely talented musicians. Each one is also as warm and friendly as they are talented. The concern they showed my wife and I when we thought we lost everything to Hurricane Katrina left a lasting impression on us. In fact, since I retired in June 2005, there was nothing left holding us in Louisiana so we moved to Forsyth, MO. We love it here and every day that goes by we find more reasons why we like the Ozarks. To my wife and I, all the people associated with the Grand Jubilee epitomize the personal warmth and genuine love of God, country, family, and neighbors that thrives here in the Ozarks. Since moving here, I feel like I’ve died and gone to Heaven.

It Keeps On Gettin' Better!-- 2006 Show

Written by Jerm

I fortunate enough to attend Grand Jubilee last night to see their brand new show for 2006. This show has undergone some changes this year including new cast members, special effects, costumes, songs, comedic material, and the list goes on. I have seen this show several times each year and I've always loved it and this time was no exception. This year's show embodies a new energy that you can feel from your seat.

This year's show follows the same format as before with the first half being old country, new country, and gospel. The second half reminds us of songs and artists from our past and present. New South, the quartet that stars in this production, has welcomed two new members into their group. They add even more young, energetic talent to the group. Callie Agler, also a new addition to this show, brings her commanding voice to the show. Also new, is funny man Jamie Haage aka "Jim Dandy" adds his off the cuff humor to the mix as does new comer, Mike Patrick who provides a great straight man to Haage. The show also contains the two returning members of New South that you will remember from last season as well as the incredible, Todd Bradshaw.

This year I noticed that everyone gets more time to show off their individual talents to the audience. This can be seen with New South. Not only do the four members perform together but this year you get to hear more of their individual talents. It seems in the past that the members of the group were pretty much always on stage together. This year however, they have their own time to shine with duets, and everyone gets the chance to sing lead on a few songs. A song in the first half that is dedicated to the Veterans showcases the beautiful voice of one of the new members of the group. Other stand out moments for me included, the acoustic gospel number in the first half that was sung by a trio made up of Jamie H., Callie A, and Todd B. singing into one microphone. Beautiful!! The second half, which is my favorite segment, opened with an Elvis medley. I LOVED this section! Everyone got in on the act with each person coming out singing a different Elvis song, wearing different Elvis costumes. I must say that this is the first show anywhere that I have seen a female Elvis :) She certainly did not disappoint! Speaking of Callie, I really enjoyed her version of "Respect", and Dolly's "9 to 5" during the second half. Todd Bradshaw does a wonderful version of "Stayin' Alive" complete with the costume, smoke, and the moves. He performed this song in his falesetto voice which is not easy to do with a good quality and he hit it out of the park! Other "guests" included, the Monkee's (loved the groovy hair, LOL!), Buddy Holly, Sonny and Cher (this drew a roar of laughter from the crowd), Michael Jackson wearing a familiar orange color, hmm ;), among others. The show closes with a patriotic bang! This show is tons of fun and it is definately worth your time!


Grand Jubilee Review!

Written by duhutch74

On Monday we saw Grand Jubilee for the first time. It was very impressive. We had seen Todd Bradshaw in Lost in the 50’s so we wanted to see him in this show. He was very good in this show especially in the second half when he did impressions of Elvis, Sonny Bono, Tom Jones, Ricky Martin and part of the Jackson 5. We got to talk to him during intermission and he was very nice to us. He seems like a very nice person and that he had a lot of fun in this show. We bought 2 of his CD’s and he signed both of them along with our brochure and he took a picture of us. I think we might have taken up most of his time. Also before the show started we saw him getting a drink at the concession stand and we were like “Is that Todd?” So that was funny. We also talked to the bass guitar player, Larry Allred, and we told him that we had seen him in Country Tonite last year and he got embarrassed when we mentioned the comedy he did with his diary. He was very nice as well and gave us his phone number so we can call him if we come back later this year and he’ll give us free tickets to the show! Wayne Massengale was also in the show. He was the fiddle player for Country Tonite for many years. He grew out his hair and dyed it blonde! He was good as usual but we wanted to talk to him after the show but we didn’t see him and we asked Larry if he was coming out and Larry said that he was probably already half way home and that he was late for supper. During the show Larry and Wayne seemed to have a whole lot of fun. There were very entertaining to watch. New South was very good as well. We really liked Trey Wilson and Dee Allen. Trey was very cute. We noticed a ring on his left hand ring finger….is he married? They said he was only 19. Trey was also a very good nerd in the 50’s section. He was really funny. Terry Sanders was hilarious with all of his impressions. His Joan Rivers was so funny! He was the one that ushered us to our seats (as Homer Lee) and he told us that they were inside and asked if that was ok and told us that the seats were cleaned with Clorox. Overall this show was very funny and enjoyable. We’ll be sure to put it on our list for our next trip!

A Grand Time! :):)

Written by Jerm

I've seen this show several times and it is one of my favorites. This Saturday evening I took three "newbies" to the show. I took my mom, sister, and nephew. They were very critical of my choice of show but when the show was over I had three new Grand Jubilee converts. They commented on how much they enjoyed their evening. The show contains the quartet "New South", Todd Bradshaw, Diana Ponder, and funny man Terry Sanders aka "Homer Lee", and a very talented live band. If you saw the show last year and are afraid of seeing the same thing then this is the show for you. The show contained all new songs, costumes, and jokes. The first half of the show contains country music from contemporary hits to country classics, and a great mix of gospel music. The second half is my personal favorite and that is when they do music from the 50's all the way to present day complete with costumes from the eras. "Homer Lee" is my personal favorite funny guy in all of Branson. His "character comedy" steals the show. Wait until you see him in an "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini!" ROFL!!:) We were also treated to guest appearances by "Joan Rivers", "Willie Nelson", and "MC Homer" ("Can't Touch This!") to name a few. Some of my personal favorite stand out moments of this show included "Desperado" sung by one of the members of New South, "YMCA" peformed by the "Village People" aka New South, the Billy Joel number peformed by the piano player, Diana Ponder's "Last Dance", etc. I have watched Todd Bradshaw grow as a performer for many years. The first time I remember seeing him perform was back at Silver Dollar City. He certainly has come a long way. In this years show he seems so much more relaxed on stage which enables his voice to shine. I really enjoyed his "Elvis" number which received screams from the ladies in the audience. If you want a fun evening where you can sit back and relax and forget all of your troubles then the Grand Jubilee is for you.