Faith Lutheran Church

Our mission is to boldly live out our faith under the cross and to courageously reach out, bringing our friends to Christ.

As part of God's loving family, Faith Lutheran Congregation provides us with:

  • An extension of Christ, His Body, to minister to us as he would.
  • The tangible gift of Baptism and frequent affirmation of its blessings.
  • Worship services where God's Heart is expressed, uplifting our hearts.
  • Celebration of The Lord's Supper where Jesus invites us to com to Him, so that He can give us His very self to assure us of forgiveness and strengthen our spiritual lives.
  • Regular opportunity to come to God confessing our sins and receiving forgiveness - the foundation of all stable, long-lasting relationships.
  • Biblical Teaching to deepen our understanding of our Loving Savior's truth so that we avoid errors and self-deception.
  • Support against temptations that can destroy our lives and relationships.
  • Connections to fellow believers who care for and support us.
  • Reassuring care in times of grief and loss.
  • Family values to help us establish happy homes.
  • Biblical teaching to instill godly values in children.
  • Opportunity to express our love for God by loving and sharing in fellowship with his people.
  • Connections to small groups that nurture fulfilling relationships.
  • Opportunities for serving God and others.
  • Guidance to help us see God's purpose for our lives and to equip us for His mission of sharing his salvation.
  • The privilege of joining our individual resources with those of others so that Christ's work in the world might be fulfilled.
  • A place where our priority of putting God first can be demonstrated to those closest to us - influencing them to also put God first in their lives.