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A roller coaster of laughs, comedy, music, dance and family fun! Starring funny guys, Applejack and Harley Worthit; country singer, Todd Bradshaw; pianist extraordinaire, Tracy Heaston, and a sizzling cast of singers and dancers all backed by the best of the best of Branson musicians.

From hilarious, clean comedy, floor-pounding clogging and dancing, to all your country favorites, this show is a HOT TICKET! For an amazing afternoon of fun, the Comedy Jamboree is a must see. You will laugh until it hurts!


Comedy Jamboree

Written by jwdefiance

I don't know where these glowing reviews came from. We were not seeing the same show. I bought tickets, to laugh, but we left at half time. It was awful!!!! The variety part was pretty good, but certainly no humor. Change the title to variety and fire the comedians.

Jim Dandy - A wonderful person!

Written by mkeady

To the lady who resent submitted the story about Jim Dandy.....I'm so sorry to hear this.......I have known Jamie for several years and he is a person who would never hurt anyone.......they have a wonderful show there with Splinter, Jamie and the rest of the cast. You should give them another chance!

Terribly Offended by Jim Dandy

Written by marybethhebert

I am from Sulphur, LA and I was manditorily evacuated from Hurrican Gustov recently. I followed my sister all the way to Branson. My sister gave me a free ticket to see this show. I was conserving my money so I hadn't seen a show. This was to be my very first such show. I was the heaviest woman in the audience and was escorted to the handicap seating area in front of everyone in the audience. Imagine my horror when this comic starts describing a big woman in line at the grocery store. "When I say big I mean her stretch pants didn't have a CHOICE!" I was horrified. Perhaps I'm overly sensitive but I'm 45 years old and I thought the insulting days were over. I thought people were more politically correct. Why doesn't he make fun of some blind woman or some deaf woman or some mentally challenged woman while he's at it? Because fat people are still fair game in America. What a shame he couldn't write better comedy! I felt as though all eyes were burning a hole in the back of my head to see my reaction. I immediately got up and headed for the nearest exit in tears. I made my way around the back of the stage, passing dressing rooms and got the hell out of there. I now despise Branson and I will never return. Thank you Jamie Haage. I have my own website called and I have a big goofy pair of underwear so I DO actually have a sense of humor. Sincerely, Mary Beth Hebert

Great Afternoon Show

Written by Suselit

We took the Nursing Home Residents to see "Comedy Jamboree" today and the show was a BIG Hit with them.

This show had an abundance of comedy and great music...Country, Rock and Country Rock. Lots of talented people in this show. Tracy Heston was exceptional good. He made that piano do everything but dance!

The stand-out of the show was Callie. She has that certain something that sets her apart when she is on stage. I can't describe it... it must be star power. But I now understand why Callie's career is advancing. She also has perfect enunciation. You can hear every word distinctly when she sings. She reminded our group of a young Shania Twain.

The Hee Haw segment was very well done. Brought back lots of good memories.

The 1:00pm show seemed to fly by because it was so entertaining and fast-paced. Even the Intermission was fun because the Entertainers made themselves available to visit with the audience members. Splinter Middleton was especially warm and outgoing. Doesn't he have a rich sounding speaking voice?

The only disappointment was when it was announced that the band was going to play some Lynard Skynard and we heard those first great notes of "Sweet Home Alabama...WoW! Great....but then a comedy bit interrupted. Now, I know this is silly, but it took me 3 whole songs to get over my disappointment. So...maybe not a good idea to get Skynard fans hopes up only to be dashed.LOL

Grand Country Theatre at Grand Country Square is very easy to enter in a wheelchair or walker. The back entrance has a ramp and it's located right by the theatre. Rest rooms were handy, too.

Written by ThunderHockeyFan

We decided to get tickets for this show after we arrived in Branson. We were on the third row. The show was OK. Wasn't as good as what we were expecting it to be. The singers were all good. My husband got pulled up on stage to be part of the show so that was funny.

Comedy Jamboree Review

Written by duhutch74

On Monday we saw Comedy Jamboree for the first time. It was a great show! We were really impressed by it and even our dad said that he had low expectations for it but really enjoyed it. We wanted to go to see Gigi and Eric because we had seen them in Lost in the 50’s. Gigi was there however Eric was not. We got to talk to Gigi after the show and we asked her where her husband is now because we had also seen him in Lost in the 50’s. So now we finally know where he has been over the past couple of years and now he is opening for a local band for fun along with managing a business with Gigi at the IMAX. Gigi did very well in the show. We really enjoyed her. Callie was also great. The guys, Justin and Jon, were very good and cute. Justin seemed to get into the songs more than Jon though. Tracy Heaston was amazing on the piano especially when he did the song with all of the sound effects. Jamie Haage (Jim Dandy) was hilarious with all of his different characters. It was so funny when he brought up the 3 men from the audience for the “Bohemian Rhapsody” part! We tried to point out our dad but he didn’t see us. Stretch McCoy was funny too especially on “As the Stomach Turns”! Splinter Middleton was a good singer too. We recognized the fiddle player, Bruce Hoffman, from the Paul Harris show last year. He was very good as well. It was a really good show and I’m sure we’ll be going back again!

2005 show review

Written by Jerm

I've seen this show several times and I always find it very entertaining and today was no exception. Like many shows that I have seen this year this show has undergone some changes to keep it fresh for visitors like me that come back time and time again to see it. New songs, new costumes, and new jokes keeps this variety show interesting. A misconception about this show is that it is all comedy but that simply isn't true. There is a wide variety of music from classic country, new contemporary country, bluegrass, pop, southern rock, gospel, and patriotic. One noteable change to the show is the addition of a "straight man" to the cast that plays along with Jim Dandy's folly. I forgot his name but he did a really great job and seemed to really enjoy what he was doing. He himself couldn't keep from laughing at Jim Dandy's antics! The 4 singers and dancers in this show are top notch and very talented as is Splinter Middleton, and the live band that backs them up. I really enjoy how each of the singers/dancers gets a change to showcase their own individual talents throughout the show. If you have been to Silver Dollar City and have seen their evening show you will notice several of the cast members in this show playing in that show as well. I believe that I've read where the guy that does this show is the one responsible for SDC's night show.

Standout moments of the 2005 show include meeting Jim Dandy's "aunt" and "grandpa" LOL!, Splinter's rap number ( I didn't know Splinter could rap! LOL!), "As the Stomach Turns" is a new comedic addition to the show. I will not spoil it for you but I don't think I have ever seen it done before at any other show, the song arrangement in the second half is really well done. Speaking of songs, some of the songs in this year's show I have not heard before but that caused me to listen more to the person singing them. They kept a few parts of last season's show like the "Hee Haw" segment which is fun! The show also relies quite a bit on audience participation. I found myself sinking into my seat everytime the performers came out into the audience. This show will give you a spring in your step and a song on your lips. Go and check this one out!


Best Show in Town!

Written by pampam

On Thursday, we say Comedy Jamboree. That has to be my all time favorite show. Jim Dandy had me laughing so hard that I was glad I had gone to the bathroom before the show started. Splinter just sounds better and better too. I bought three CD's there that day and listened to them all the way home. I would encourage you to buy them too. Splinter has one with songs he wrote himself. Jamie Haage has a religious CD with three or four songs he wrote and they are really good. The Jamboree singers are so good too! It is a high energy show and so well done. This is the only show I would go to again and again!!