A Tribute to John Denver & Country Music Legends!

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A tribute to John Denver and Country Music Legends is a fantastic Branson Show presenting in the Little Opry Theatre located inside the Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex. Join James Garrett as he pays tribute to his long time buddy John Denver and other country music legends. James Garrett plays John Denver songs we all know and love including "Rocky Mountain High" and "Leavin on a Jet Plane". James Garrett shares stories of John Denver's life and experiences from a first hand perspective.

Throughout the show the audience gains more insight on John Denver than any other show could provide due to James Garrett's close friendship with John. Songs such as "Matthew" and "Grandma's Feather Bed" are heard by the audience in a new way as the stories of their composition are shared.

James Garrett was with two-time Grammy winning group, The Kendall's, as lead male vocalist and rhythm guitar player. He has performed with Marie Osmond and the Osmond Brothers. James has toured with various artists, including Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, and Glen Campbell. He stars in the award winning show "A Tribute to John Denver" which was awarded Branson Critic Editor's Best Morning Show for 2007, its first year in Branson. James is joined on stage by Randy Plummer who has been performing in Branson for over 35 years. Randy was awarded the 2007 male vocalist of the Year from Branson's Gospel Singer/Songwriter Association. You will also experience the musical talent of Jim Glaspy, a National Dobro Champion and Texas Flat Top Champion in Bluegrass music. James is regularly joined on stage with special guests as well. Enjoy an acoustic set featuring James Garrett and his guitar as well as a fun filled gospel set. Enjoy a Branson tribute show from someone who was a close friend with the artist. James Garrett will draw you into John Denver's music just as John Denver would do himself.


A great show

Written by kbcat

I enjoy shows where the entertainer can bring the music to life with the history of the song. James knowledge of John, and his family did this. A wonderful tribute to a talented singer songwriter, as well as being a talented individual of his own. From a Canadian traveller.

A Tribute to John Denver

Written by ccross

Wow! I've seen this show at least 50 times and I don't even work there! It gets better every time I see it. I've been listening to James sing since I was thirteen years old. I always knew he would be successful one day. He never gave up and now, in my opinion, he has the best show in Branson. I guess I'm not the only one of that opinion because last year he won Best Morning Show! He has a beautiful voice, a wonderful stage presence, and is awfully good to look at, too! He has done a great job of putting the show together. The theater is small, but it allows James to have conversations with people in the back row and the front row people are invited to put their feet on the stage! It has a very relaxed atmosphere that allows everyone to just sit back and enjoy the show. Children also love it because James always makes sure to find out their names, talk to them during the show, and make them feel special. I hope this show wins an award again this year because it certainly deserves it. May God continually to bless James and his great group of friends that perform so wonderfully with him.

A Tribute to John Denver

Written by ccross

Wow! I've seen this show at least 30 times and it gets better every time. I've been listening to James sing since I was thirteen years old. I always knew he would be successful one day. He never gave up and now, in my opinion, he has the best show in Branson. He has a beautiful voice and a wonderful stage presence. He has done a great job putting the show together. I can't wait to see his new show, Strait Country, that begins tonight at 5:00. May God continue to bless James and his great group of friends that perform so wonderfully with him.

Tribute to John Denver

Written by medicinewoman

I have to say at first I was very skeptical. I didn't think that anyone could give John Denver's music justice, but I was wrong! Sitting there listening to James Garrett strum the guitar and sing his heart out, turned the pages of time back to that familiar time when songs were poetry. He kept turning the pages back in time with songs like Sunshine, Annie’s Song and Rocky Mountain High. I could visually see John Denver standing off at a distance wearing his granny glasses smiling the whole time that his memory was kept alive by his old time friend that knew the true man. I learned more at this tribute to John Denver than I had ever known before. I walked away knowing the man, the artist of John Denver. James Garrett made it a memorable time, a time worth revisiting! John had a way of writing about the beauty of nature and sharing his love that we all grew in love with the artist, the poetry of John Denver’s music. His songs could touch us and lift us to the highest ski lift and stare into those mountains feeling the air beneath our feet. Thank you James, for keeping the memory alive and taking us on that Rocky Mountain High!


Written by 36reta

I went into the show loving John Denver music but came out a James Garrett fan. Didn't know what to expect my first time in the small theatre. All the performers were so talented and fun to watch. They are so down to earth. I have been a few times and it is different every time but the quality stays the same. I hope to enjoy it many more times this year.


Written by BobC

I knew John Denver. John Denver was a friend of mine. No, I never met him but I have seen many of the Tribute to John Denver shows starring James Garrett. I left each show with a better understanding as to the kind of person John Denver really was.

James Garrett knew John Denver and he shares his memory of the times he spent with him with the Little Opry Theater audience. The things you or I would ask John Denver if we had ever met him, James has already asked. What inspired him to write a certain song; how long did it take to write; where was he when he wrote it? James answers these questions during his daily tribute to John Denver. He also tells of the circumstances of John’s 28-year old friend who inspired his writing of, “Rocky Mountain High”.

Now for the music - Awesome. James’ singing voice is as close to John Denver’s as you’ll ever hear. There is no impersonation here, it is all natural. I said singing voice because John talked in a higher pitch than James does. But then what about those high notes so familiar in John Denver’s songs? James hits them and holds them true; all of them. You will also hear James do some Hank Williams during the show. OK, he doesn’t sound like Hank but he does justice to the songs by his talent, energy, and soul that he puts into his songs. Take away his instruments and James will still entertain by setting the rhythm for The Poor Boy’s Boogie by doing the Hambone. He may ask audience members or other cast members to accompany him on the washboard and spoons. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Rick Quincey, might even step in and play the paper sack (or as Rick calls it - the sacks-a-phone). Branson legend bass player and vocalist, Randy Plummer, does his part with eefe & eife (sp?). All in all, it is a lot of fun for everyone in the theater, on stage or in the audience.

Speaking of fun - The entire cast is professional, extremely talented, and very relaxed as this show plays out with no script. The only thing for sure is that you will hear every John Denver song you want to hear; James makes sure of that as he takes requests at the start of the 2nd half. The rest is decided on the spot with hilarious interaction between the cast members and the audience. You might hear a joke or two but most of the humor in between songs is off-the-cuff. You may see and Randy Rudd, also with the Sons of the Pioneers, do a great impersonation of Willie Nelson and then turn around and do a very straightforward Roy Orbison. My wife and I happened to see the show on St Patrick’s Day when he sang Danny Boy. That was a special treat; this man can sing. Vocalists C.J. Newsom and Kasi Means are featured solo as well as singing backup. Former Presley's and Baldknobber's vocalist, Lori Locke is also a regular on the show and is well known for her smooth singing style. Each of these young ladies does a terrific job. Randy Plummer gets the crowd pumped up when he sings his gospel songs. And these are just some of the highlights; there is much more to each show, and each show is a little different because it is unscripted. It’s also the only live show I’ve seen that features the hammered dulcimer.

The theater - The Little Opry Theater is the perfect setting for this show in that the audience is up close to all the action. As James says, it is the only venue he has played where he can carry on a conversation from the stage with someone in the back row.

James Garrett deserves a lot of credit for putting this talented cast together. They are top notch and the result is a very entertaining morning to start the day off right.