A Neil Diamond Tribute

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Keith Allynn has captivated audiences for 21 years. At the tender age of 14 he began his career in stand up comedy when he crowd warmed for main acts like Robin Williams, Chris Rock and Tim Allen.

At age 21 he discovered his musical abilities when he performed an Elvis song at karaoke. The crowd went crazy and Keith was hooked. Soon he became an Elvis Tribute Artist where he performed and competed for several years.

Later, wanting to impress a girl who loved Neil Diamond, Keith learned "Hello Again". Then, with his best Neil vocal sound sang it to her over the phone. He won the girl, Diana Lynn, and "Hello Again" still remains "their song".

"Experience the Feel of Neil" in this 80 minute non-stop live production in which Keith unveils the story Neil Diamond's life through his songs from the 60's, 70's & 80's while interweaving his own comical career change from a top ten Elvis Tribute Artist in the world to Neil Diamond. Sing-along to favorites like: , "Cracklin Rosie", "America", "I Am I Said" "Play Me", "Song Sung Blue", "Sweet Caroline" ...and many, many more.